Virtue Tested™ for Emerging Tech products


Tell your potential clients you’ve done your due diligence


We’re at the frontier of a great technological revolution. Artificial intelligence, automation, virtual and augmented reality, autonomous automobiles, drones, robots, CRISPR, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and more.

The opportunity is huge, but so is the risk. That’s what makes ethical risk due diligence so important.  

Virtue’s Ethical Risk Due Diligence Process systematically and exhaustively identifies the risks of emerging tech products across seven categories.

The Seven Categories of Ethical Risk for Emerging Tech Products

1.     Physical Harm (e.g. death, injury)

2. Mental Harm (e.g. addiction, anxiety, depression)

3.     Privacy (e.g. biometric data, de/re-identification)

4.     Trust and Respect (e.g. algorithmic explainability, automated persuasion)

5.     Relationships and Social Cohesion (e.g. social trust, respect for common property)

6.     Social Justice and Fairness (e.g. algorithmic bias, redlining, neo-physiognomy)

7.     Unintended Consequences (e.g false positives/negatives)

Companies that employ Virtue’s Ethical Risk Due Diligence Process and take concrete steps to managing their risks are awarded the “Virtue Tested” Seal. Consumers who see the “Virtue Tested” Seal can be assured the product they are purchasing was vigorously tested and the company from whom they are purchasing takes ethics seriously. Companies may release Virtue’s Ethical Risk Analysis Report at their discretion.