What is Ethical Risk?

Ethical risk is the likelihood of engaging in ethical misconduct that puts you in hot water with consumers, employees, investors, activists, citizens, governments, and more. When ethical risk is realized, it’s a blow to your brand and bottom line. Mitigating ethical risk requires learning how to integrate ethical risk mitigation strategies into the DNA of your business: in your decisions, in your employee training, in your plans for growth. This means taking ethics seriously, and it requires working with the right experts. We are the ethics experts.



Founder & CEO

Reid was gripped by ethical problems the first semester of his first year in college over 20 years ago. Countless hours later, after reading, arguing, and teaching about ethics, he’s still hungry for more. While his early research concerned issues largely contained within the ivory tower, his research has become increasingly action-orientated, particularly as it concerns the ethics of emerging technologies and institutions like governments and corporations.

Reid is a Senior Advisor to Ernst & Young and is a Founding Member of EY’s AI Advisory Board. He also sits on the committee for “Methods to Guide Ethical Research and Design” for the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems and is a member of the European Union Artificial Intelligence Alliance. He has taught at Northwestern University, the University of Texas in Austin, the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and Colgate University. When he isn’t doing ethics you can find him with his wife and children, unless there’s rock climbing to be done.


The Virtue Network is comprised of over 60 professional ethicists from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Italy, India, Spain, Germany, Sweden, and China. An astounding 68% of the team has a Ph.D. and 21% hold Master’s degrees. Members of the team actively do research and publish on artificial intelligence, biotechnologies, medical ethics, robotics, gender, race, finance, business ethics, social and political philosophy, psychology, the mind, the law, and well-being.

Businesses need ethical risk management.
We live and breathe it.