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Businesses need AI ethical risk management.
We live and breathe it.

We are generous.

We don’t stop until the work is complete and our clients are satisfied. We don’t count hours, meetings, or how long it takes to write a report. If our clients call us, we pick up the phone.

We are rigorous.

We have overdeveloped intellectual consciences. We will only say something if we know precisely what we’re proposing. To be unresearched, unreflective, or unprepared is our personal and professional nightmare.

We are listeners.

We have views about what’s best for our clients but recognize they know more about their organizations than us. We respect the professionals we partner with, confirm they’re comfortable with every decision, and ensure our team takes care of them every step of the way. Sometimes, our clients follow our recommendations; sometimes, they don’t. That’s how it should be.

Our cross-functional team

Reid Blackman, PH.D. 


Reid Blackman, Ph.D., is the author of “Ethical Machines” (Harvard Business Review Press), Founder and CEO of Virtue, an AI ethical risk consultancy, volunteer Chief Ethics Officer for the non-profit Government Blockchain Association, and an advisor to the Canadian government on their federal AI regulations. He was also a founding member of EY’s AI Advisory Board and a Senior Advisor to the Deloitte AI Institute. His work, which includes advising and speaking to organizations including AWS, US Bank, the FBI, NASA, and the World Economic Forum, has been profiled by The Wall Street Journal, the BBC, and Forbes. His written work appears in The Harvard Business Review and The New York Times. Prior to founding Virtue, Reid was a professor of philosophy at Colgate University and UNC-Chapel Hill. Learn more at

Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes, MD, MBA

ADVISOR PARTNER / The risk, compliance, and innovation expert

Ingrid is a deep-tech, healthcare and life sciences executive, who is highly dedicated to digital and ethics advocacy. She is a well known futurist, globalist, digital strategist, passionate educator and entrepreneurship ecosystem builder, known as a global thought leader for Blockchain, AI, Quantum Technology, Digital Twins, Smart Cities. She serves on the Board of numerous organizations and held several leadership roles in the corporate, academic and not for profit arenas throughout her career. She is the recipient of several awards and serves as an Expert Advisor to the EU Blockchain Observatory Forum, a Forbes Business Council member, and an Advisor to the UN Legal and Economic Empowerment Network. She continues to enjoy teaching Ethical Leadership, Innovation and Digital Transformation at the WBAF Business School-Division of Entrepreneurship, and the University of Miami Business School, the Executive MBA Program.

Matthew Rosenquist

ADVISOR PARTNER / The cybersecurity expert

Matthew is a Cybersecurity Strategist and benefits from 30 diverse years in the fields of cyber, physical, and information security.  Mr. Rosenquist is the former Cybersecurity Strategist for Intel Corp., the CISO for Mercury Risk, a member of multiple advisory boards, and consults on best-practices and emerging risks to academia, businesses, and governments across the globe. Mr. Rosenquist specializes in security strategy, measuring value, developing best-practices for cost-effective capabilities, and establishing organizations that deliver optimal levels of cybersecurity, privacy, ethics, and safety.  As a cybersecurity strategist, he identifies evolving risks and opportunities to help organizations balance threats, costs, and usability factors to achieve an ideal level of security.

Benjamin Kultgen, Ph.D.

Principal Researcher / Responsible AI and AI Ethics

Benjamin Kultgen is a researcher, consultant, and academic specializing in ethics. He holds a BA from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in moral philosophy and cognitive science from the University of Colorado Boulder. Currently, he is a member of the philosophy faculty at CU where he teaches ethics and the philosophy of science and technology. As a consultant, he has worked with startups at all stages, primarily in EdTech, healthcare, and greentech, providing advice on the ethical use of AI,company values, and ethical product development.

Brandon Kinports

Head of Partnerships / New Client Onboarding

Brandon Kinports is Head of Partnerships and New Client Onboarding at Virtue. With a career spanning the convergence of design and technology, he brings over a decade of experience in leading partnerships and business development for award-winning innovation consultancies. Throughout his career, he has been an advocate of responsible design practices and a contributing member of the team that developed the EthicalOS toolkit and the Tarot Cards of Tech. His expertise extends across private and public sectors, where he has successfully formulated and executed organizational partnership strategies. Brandon’s approach, shaped by an MPA in Organizational Management and a diverse professional background encompassing fundraising, political campaigning, and social impact design, underscores his commitment to crafting impactful and system-oriented partnerships.

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