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Enabling not-crazy AI exploration.

Safety gear mitigates risk, but for those of us who aren’t insane, it also enables us to do amazing, exciting things. We wouldn’t go rock climbing without a rope, after all.

Can your teams build cutting-edge AI solutions without an AI ethical risk program? Of course. Do you want them to do it without a rope?

Our focus is on operationalizing robust AI ethical risk programs.

AI Ethical & Regulatory Risk Maturity Assessment

We assess how our clients engage in governance now and identify gaps between current capacities to manage AI risks and where they want to be. We assess:

  • Governance
  • Policy
  • Procedures
  • Measurement
  • Human capital
  • Learning and development

Customized AI Ethical & Regulatory Risk Framework Design and Implementation

We design an AI Risk Framework tailored to your organization, including:

  • Setting your AI risk standards
  • AI risk governance structures and entities that mirror existing governance practices
  • AI risk policy and associated procedures
  • Customized metrics (KPIs and OKRs) to track rollout, compliance, and impact of your AI risk program

AI Ethical & Regulatory Risk Learning and Development

We create department and role-specific L&D modules, seminars, and workshops for everyone, from senior leaders to front-line employees. We offer:

  • Executive briefings and workshops
  • AI risk training tailored to your organization’s AI policy and procedures
  • Advanced AI risk training for department and role-specific standards and workflows

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