Designing Custom Responsible AI Metrics (KPIs and OKRs)


How we custom designed metrics to track the rollout, compliance, and impact of an AI ethical risk program in a company with 100,000+ employees across 150 countries.

case study.designing custom responsible ai metrics


With so many employees operating across so many countries and continents, this client needed a way to track the rollout, compliance, and impact of their AI ethics program. Despite having articulated AI ethics values and an AI ethics policy, they were unsure how to measure progress.


Virtue designed customized AI ethics metrics that aligned with their existing AI ethics values and policies. Where appropriate, Virtue recommended changes to their policy to allow for further refinement of the metrics.


This client reached out to Virtue because they had hit a roadblock in preparing for compliance with the European Union Artificial Intelligence Act. They had a good grip on what they wanted their AI ethics program to look like but much less of a grip on how to measure success. After an in-depth assessment of their AI ethics maturity, Virtue made its recommendations on changes to existing governance/policy and subsequently designed metrics customized to their AI ethics policy, existing enterprise metrics, and metrics to track compliance with the EU AI Act.